Sunday, 9 February 2014

My sewing forum

I checked on my forum this morning, to be greeted by a whole strand of posts like these! Made my day so thank you all!

Thank you all, I looked at the top 3 news items this morning and each one gave me valuable information I would never have thought of or got anywhere else. This is a fab forum - and we have our own Debbie to boot. 
Very Happy

Im a fairly new member as off this year. I too joined this site, when approaching my first experiences with where to buy and what embroidery machine to go for. 
I was extremely appreciative for not only guidance, but a lot of advice on getting started with buying cottons, fabrics, do's and don'ts etc. I wouldn't be where I am today, if is wasn't for the help and support and friendly suggestions from these lovely ladies on here. It made a massive positive impact to my early experiences and learning curves. 
Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and really made me feel part of a sewing group. Nothing was too much trouble to ask help with. 
So a massive thank you to all those Ladies!!

When i joined i thought I was quite an experienced sewer, but i have picked up so many tips on here from the members. The only downside is that i now have a list as long as my arm of projects that i want to do - inspired by all the photos on here!!! 
I love that the members are so helpful with advice and ideas, always willing to help with anything, there is such a wealth of knowledge out there. You've never let me down yet with any of my questions. Or even just interesting chat. 
Thanks everyone and keep up the good work. Very Happy

There is such an enormous wealth of knowledge on the forum and everyone is always so happy to help and are very forthcoming in sharing their knowledge. 

Keep it up ladies... I also believe this is one of the most friendly forums. 

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