Sunday, 23 February 2014

Denim circles

Cut 9 circles measuring 5" across, I used  saucer as a template,

Mark the quarter points by folding in half then half again.

Measure between the four marks and make a square template in card, mine was 3.5" square.

Mark all the circles, then stitch together in lines of three.

Join two threes to make six, then add the final row of three.

Using th card template, cut nine squares of cotton fabric.

Place these in the centre od the circles, use a little Stick And Stay for fabric by Crafters Companion to hold in place if you wish,

Fold over the sides of the circles and press. Top stitch either sides of the seams, this will sew the fabric squares in place.

To give a 'Shabby Chic' vintage look, take a scrubbing brush and literally scrub the denim until it frays! You now have either a cool cushion cover or a bag front if you applique this onto the likes of hessian...


  1. That really good will have a go at this think my Brother Scan N Cut can help me with this . Only trouble is I got to wait a while as all packed and boxed up ready for my move on Saturday ..then comes the unpacking.. but I will have a go at this as soon as I can thank you Debbie

  2. Debbie, how fabulous, totally love this hun, xxx