Monday, 3 February 2014

My denim tumbling block denim stool

I found the step by step instructions for my tumbling block denim stool, so thought I'd share! All sewn by hand, [don't attempt this without a leather thimble!] really hardwearing, and took me the best part of a month to complete. It's worth it, if I say so myself I think it looks amazing!

These are 60 degree diamonds, I cut about 40 from brown paper, measuring 1.5" across and 3" tall.

Next I cut out the denim, about 1/4 " larger than the paper pattern, in three different shades of denim.

I used a fabric glue [horror!] to secure the edges when I folded them around the paper diamonds, and trimmed away the edges at the corners.

And with a tiny overhand stitch, sewed them together in threes, one of each of the three different colours of denim.

And started to build up these!

Until I made this...

My stool was in a bit of a state, I unscrewed the top and stretched my denim fabric over the top, stapling it underneath with a staple gun.

Do take a seat! 


  1. That's so fabulous, Debbie. Your patience is to be admired too! It's so great to be able to make use of something that might otherwise have ended up at the tip!

  2. I love working with old denim, I buy jeans from charity shops for a couple of pounds each, one day I'll write a re-cycling book but I need to re-cycle some days first!