Thursday, 27 February 2014

Video tutorial for my reversible messenger bag

Here's the link to You Tube for my reversible messenger bag, this would look good twice the size too!

Denim rings cushion cover

And here's one of the finished denim rings cushion covers!

My monk collection

Well here's something you probably didn't know, I collect monks! The first ones  came from my mum, and whenever I see another I just buy it! Most of them are German pre WW2, I just think they're lovely little characters! My mum's had crossed eyes, which I've learned was the artist having a laugh...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Denim circles

Cut 9 circles measuring 5" across, I used  saucer as a template,

Mark the quarter points by folding in half then half again.

Measure between the four marks and make a square template in card, mine was 3.5" square.

Mark all the circles, then stitch together in lines of three.

Join two threes to make six, then add the final row of three.

Using th card template, cut nine squares of cotton fabric.

Place these in the centre od the circles, use a little Stick And Stay for fabric by Crafters Companion to hold in place if you wish,

Fold over the sides of the circles and press. Top stitch either sides of the seams, this will sew the fabric squares in place.

To give a 'Shabby Chic' vintage look, take a scrubbing brush and literally scrub the denim until it frays! You now have either a cool cushion cover or a bag front if you applique this onto the likes of hessian...

My glam free motion gold cushion cover!

Nine 5" squares of Kaffe Fassett fabric from the Cotton Patch,

All sewn together with a 1/4 " seam allowance... then backed with fusible wadding.

Free motion embroidered hearts over the top of Angelina Fibres [ironed sandwiched in between two sheets of greaseproof paper],

And hand stitched a running stitch in gold thread.

Add some tassels...

And a backing of 9 squares fitted with a zip,  how glam!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Free motion patchwork cushion cover

Firstly I sewed together nine 5" squares of Kaffe Fassett fabric and iron on some fusible wadding to the back. I melted some gold angelina fibres to cover the front, then free motion embroidered swirls in black to attach it.
I started the braid by using a cording foot, but actually found it quicker with my standard foot and a zig zag stitch! No plan here, I just kind of scribbled over the top of the cushion!
The back of the cushion cover is an envelope style.
Now I just need somewhere to put it!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My sewing forum

I checked on my forum this morning, to be greeted by a whole strand of posts like these! Made my day so thank you all!

Thank you all, I looked at the top 3 news items this morning and each one gave me valuable information I would never have thought of or got anywhere else. This is a fab forum - and we have our own Debbie to boot. 
Very Happy

Im a fairly new member as off this year. I too joined this site, when approaching my first experiences with where to buy and what embroidery machine to go for. 
I was extremely appreciative for not only guidance, but a lot of advice on getting started with buying cottons, fabrics, do's and don'ts etc. I wouldn't be where I am today, if is wasn't for the help and support and friendly suggestions from these lovely ladies on here. It made a massive positive impact to my early experiences and learning curves. 
Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and really made me feel part of a sewing group. Nothing was too much trouble to ask help with. 
So a massive thank you to all those Ladies!!

When i joined i thought I was quite an experienced sewer, but i have picked up so many tips on here from the members. The only downside is that i now have a list as long as my arm of projects that i want to do - inspired by all the photos on here!!! 
I love that the members are so helpful with advice and ideas, always willing to help with anything, there is such a wealth of knowledge out there. You've never let me down yet with any of my questions. Or even just interesting chat. 
Thanks everyone and keep up the good work. Very Happy

There is such an enormous wealth of knowledge on the forum and everyone is always so happy to help and are very forthcoming in sharing their knowledge. 

Keep it up ladies... I also believe this is one of the most friendly forums. 

My latest doll

I've re-designed the doll pattern to avoid 'thumb' head [as my daughter called my last doll...] but still need to work on that lack of chin! And the hair's a bit thin, so next week I'll try again! Must admit I'm enjoying these projects...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

sewing awards

It would have been nice to have a mention in the sewing awards, so if anyone fancies popping my name in the 'other' section, please feel free!

Click here!

photography by...

Oh, and all photographed by my very talented husband Garie Hind!

Click here to see his pinterest page... I think he's the best!

My books

I'm so proud to have all three of my books in the top 20 best sellers in embroidery on Amazon, Half Yard heaven is still at number one in all crafts. All of my books contain simple sewing techniques aimed at the beginner, and you won't find patterns in the back that you have to increase in size by 200 per cent!

I honestly never expected the to do so well, thought I'd share a few pictures from my first book, Making Cushion Covers published by Search Press

Monday, 3 February 2014

My Lottie dress for Humphrey's Corner

This is the little dress I've designed for Humphrey's corner! This is the largest size, 5-6 years. I'll let you know when it's in production but it may make an appearance at the trade shows first!

Denim dog!

This denim dude was a plastic money box, I used left-over scraps of denim and decoupaged it with Modge Podge with a glossy finish.

My denim tumbling block denim stool

I found the step by step instructions for my tumbling block denim stool, so thought I'd share! All sewn by hand, [don't attempt this without a leather thimble!] really hardwearing, and took me the best part of a month to complete. It's worth it, if I say so myself I think it looks amazing!

These are 60 degree diamonds, I cut about 40 from brown paper, measuring 1.5" across and 3" tall.

Next I cut out the denim, about 1/4 " larger than the paper pattern, in three different shades of denim.

I used a fabric glue [horror!] to secure the edges when I folded them around the paper diamonds, and trimmed away the edges at the corners.

And with a tiny overhand stitch, sewed them together in threes, one of each of the three different colours of denim.

And started to build up these!

Until I made this...

My stool was in a bit of a state, I unscrewed the top and stretched my denim fabric over the top, stapling it underneath with a staple gun.

Do take a seat! 

Toyota CEV

I've been road testing the new pick of the day for Ideal World, [4 Feb at 9pm channel 22 on Freeview, 644 Sky] I'm surprised not with the machine, it's an excellent mechanical sewing machine, but at the amount of feet you get with it! Bias tape foot, braid foot, concealed zip, pearl foot, blind hem, cord zipper, I've made a skirt and top, and today am going to make up a little girls dress in denim that I've designed for Humphreys Corner. I'll try and post pictures later!