Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Vintage style bucket bag project

This is a Vintage style Drawstring Bucket Bag I designed for Simple Home Made magazine, hope you like it!


This pretty bag would be useful to store sewing items, for the nursery of for cosmetics!





You will need:

·         2 circles of fabric, one outer and one lining, measuring 8” across

·         2 rectangles of fabric, one outer and one lining, measuring 25” x 7”

·         1 circle of foam stabiliser measuring 7” across

·         1 length of foam stabiliser measuring 24” x 6”

·         2 rectangles of fabric, one outer and one lining for the drawstring section measuring 25” x 5”

·         30” of ¼” wide ribbon

·         25” of lace, or ribbon if you prefer, to decorate

·         For the handle, 1 strip of foam stabiliser measuring ½” x 13”

·         One strip of fabric measuring 2” x 14”

·         2 buttons

·         Repositionable spray fabric adhesive





1.       Fuse the stabiliser centrally to the wrong sides of the outer circle and side fabric pieces.


2.       Decorate the outer panel with lace, ribbon or whatever you choose.



3.       Sew the two drawstring sections right sides together along the top edge. Open out and press, then hem the two short edges by folding the fabric over ¼” then ¼” again and stitching.


4.       Fold in half and press along the seam. Sew ½” from the fold to make a channel for the drawstring.

5.       Edge stitch along the hemmed sides, avoiding the channel. Sandwich this panel centrally in between the outer and lining sections, and sew across the top.



6.       Fold the whole panel right sides together and sew along the side. Leave a gap in the lining for turning.



7.       Pin, then sew the two circular bases in place.



8.       Turn the right way out, and sew the gap closed. Push the lining inside the bag and press.





9.       Use a bodkin or safety pin to thread the ribbon through the channel.



10.   To make the handle, spray the strip of foam stabiliser with repositionable adhesive, and wrap the fabric around it, tucking in all raw edges. Sew straight down the centre.


11.   Sew the handle to each side of the top of the bag with strong thread, then add a button to hide your stitches.




  1. Hi Debbie

    This would be just great as a yarn bucket, the working yarns go inside with the yarn coming out the top as you knit/ crochet. Your design has lots of room for the ball to undo itself as you go or even have it sitting on a yarn spool as there's heaps of room, when you're done the project can sit inside too. I have a dog with an obsession for all things wooly and if the ball bounces off the sofa mid knit he's always going to beat me to it, plus it'll save the yarn and project getting all hairy! What lovely thing to share- so many potential uses and would make a wonderful Christmas gift filled with someone's favourite treats. Thank you :-)

    Grateful hugs, T x