Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Circle bag

A lot of you have already made this one, but if you havn't seen it before, it's basically four circles of fabric coming together to make a really unusual, simple little bag! You can use this technique with many shapes, square, hexagon, oval lips, heart etc... enjoy!


You will need:

·         12” circle template
·         2 x 13” pieces of outer fabric
·         2 x 13” pieces of  lining
·         8” x 6” rectangle of lining fabric for the bow
·         Fusible fleece to back the lining pieces
·         Magnetic clasp
·         Erasable ink pen such as
·         2 lengths of webbing for the handle measuring 14” each in length [make these longer if you like]
·         Fabric glue

1.       Use a 12” circle template to cut two outer pieces of fabric, two lining and two from fusible fleece.
2.       Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the lining pieces. I usually adhere waddings to the outer pieces, but the lining fold over into a flap with this bag so I thought it would feel more lush!
3.       Draw a line 4” from the top of the two outer pieces with an erasable ink pen. This will form the flap.


4.       Right sides together, sew one piece of outer fabric to one piece of lining, around the top, starting and stopping at this line. Repeat with the remaining two pieces.


5.       Open the two sides, measure and mark the centre of the lining side. Position the magnetic clasp on this central mark, 1” from the fold of the outer fabric. This looks simpler in the picture!

6.       Sew the outer fabric pieces together around the bottom curve. Flip over the top of the bag, and sew the lining pieces right sides together, leaving a gap of about 4” for turning.

7.       Turn the right side out, sew the opening in the lining closed, and press.


8.       Hand-sew the webbing handles in position, wrapping them just underneath the flap. Add a spot of Collal glue to hold both the handles and flap in place.


9.       Make the bow by sewing the rectangle of fabric right sides together along the long side, leaving a gap of about 3£ for turning. Fold so that this seam is in the centre, and sew across either end.

10.   Snip across the corners, turn the right side out and press. Cut a length of outer fabric measuring 3” x 2” and fold the long raw edges inwards, wrap around the centre of the rectangle you’ve just sewn, and hand stitch to the back.

11.   Hand-sew the bow to the front flap, adding a little fabric glue to the back to secure, then a dot of glue under each corner of the bow to hold it in place.







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  1. Hi Debbie

    A fun bag, thanks for sharing/ reminding us about it.

    Will pin and share,

    Hugs, T x