Saturday, 12 November 2016

Upcycled shirt to skirt!



I bought this shirt from a charity shop for £4.50, you’ll need one with long sleeves to make the waistband, and choose a shirt much larger than you’d actually wear!

1.       Press the shirt, lay it on a flat surface and cut straight across, just under the sleeves.


2.     Cut 4” strips from the sleeves, you’ll probably need to join a few together to make the waistband.
  Measure your waist. Cut the waistband fabric 2” longer than your waist measurement. Fold the ends over by ½” and press. Fold the fabric in half and mark the centre point, do the same with the shirt. Pin these two points with the fabric right sides together. Pin the end of the waistband to the end of the shirt, and make even pleats in the shirt to make it the same length as the waistband.


4.       Repeat with the other half of the shirt, making the pleats face the opposite direction. Try to keep all the pleats the same distance apart. This is a bit time consuming but your skirt will look better for it! Sew the waistband to the shirt. [Which I’ll now call a skirt!] Fold over the raw edge of the waistband by ½” and press.

  5. Fold the waistband in half and press. Sew from the right side, you’ll find your stitches will be neater. Sew a button hole on one end of the waistband,

5.  And attach a button [from the scrap pieces of shirt] to the opposite end.
6. And hey! You’ve transformed a shirt to a skirt!


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