Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fabric gift wrap

I made this simple fabric gift wrap for a friend's birthday present...

1 fat quarter of fabric made into a square, then the same in a lining fabric. The box my present was in measured about 4" square. [it was a candle...] 

Right sides together, sew all the way round leaving a gap of about 3" for turning.
Turn the right side out and press. [No need to sew the opening closed]
Top stitch all the way around.

Fold the corners over by two or three inches and sew, leaving a 'tunnel' about 1" wide.

Thread ribbon through the corners and when you draw it up little petals appear on top of the present!


  1. That is so cool Debbie, it looks very very pretty, paper is so expensive & you can always find scraps of fabric, if not, fat quarters are not too pricey ! A really lovely idea.

  2. Great idea Debbie!!! I made one of your purses and it came out nice, at least I think so. Lol I'm not a great sewer but I get by. Happy Holidays, Tina