Tuesday, 31 December 2013

cosmetic bag tutorial

A simple little bag that's perfect for using up scraps of fabric...


  1. Thank you Debbie for a very helpful tutorial. Julie

  2. love it, you make it seem so simple. I have not yet tried to put a zip in anything but I think I might have a go now. xx Joanne in France

  3. Debbie, thank you very much for this wonderful cosmetic bag. I sewed one as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. She loved receiving such a lovely, handmade gift. I haven't sewed this much since I took a sewing project for 4-H as a young girl. Your tutorials are very inspirational!
    Lesley, in Ohio, USA

  4. Looks awesome, I am going to have to try to make this! For Me, lol.

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  6. Thanks for such a helpful cosmetic bag tutorial.
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