Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sew Magazine

Sew are featuring my sewing room in their May's edition... I tidied the room especially... but is still so messy! As long as my cutting table is free of clutter, I quite like the disorganisation of my room, I know where everything is. I do have a de-clutter every now and again, nothing ends up in the bin, but I do 'file' my scraps in order of colour, and put thread colours together in clear boxes. Actually my loft is full of clear boxes, of all sizes, full of samples for shows and items I've made for the books. When I was over in the States for a USA live show I saw HSN's Darlene's sewing palace, she even had a cafe area! Now that was a bit of craft room envy!

And by the way< I'll try and upload instructions for the drawstring bag I made on C&C today over the next few days...


  1. I will look forward to reading it, only looked last evening to see when it is out this Friday 11th hope we see more of you in there

  2. Received the magazine early as I took a trial subscription . Glad I did now. If I was in your sewing room I would be like a kid in a sweet shop. If you ever build a cafe can I be your tea lady????
    Looking forward to the instructions for the drawstring bag loved the red one.
    Janet x

  3. Must buy the magazine now, got to read all about your sewing room which is somewhat bigger than mine ... check out my post today to see what I mean!!! Yours looks so bright and colourful, I'd happily move in tomorrow especially if you add a Darlene style cafe area :) Elizabeth xx

  4. I spot a BIG elephant under your desk - Is that one which is to be found online as a pattern anywhere? Or is it a private project ?