Friday, 11 April 2014

Instructions for my drawstring bag

Firstly I cut two pieces of flowery fabric measuring 10" square, two rectangles of red hearts measuring 10" x 4" and cut a wavy line across the bottom, and two pieces of red check measuring 4" x 10".

Sew the wavy line right side down onto a piece of stabiliser.

Trim close to the stitch line, turn the right way out and press.

Top stitch this to the flowery bag fabric.

Attach the checked fabric to the top, right sides together, then open up and press, I top stitched across the seam.

Place the bag handles, mine are 20" long, evenly to the top of the bag, and sew. Make sure they are facing inwards.

Cut two pieces of lining fabric to the size of the outside of the bag, I find it easier to do this at this stage as I can be sure of the size of my bag front now it's all sewn together. Sew the lining to the top of the bag pieces, right sides together. Lay both sides of the bag together and sew all the way round, leaving a gap at the bottom of the lining for turning. 
Turn the right way out, sew over the opening, push the lining into the bag and press. [I'm skirting over this bit as practically every bag I've made is the same at this stage...]

I've used about 20" of bias tape here, pin all the way round the bag, folding in the raw edge at each end. You could use ribbon here. Sew all the way round, top and bottom of the tape, leaving a slight gap where the two ends meet.
I've sewn through the lining too, so that the whole bag gathers when you pull the drawstring.

Take a length of ribbon [or cord], pop a large safety pin on the end and thread your ribbon through the bias tape. 

And then off to the beach?


  1. Hi Deb-
    Lovely as always. I love all your purses, your so talented! Have you ever thought about doing a wallet? I'd love a handmade wallet tutorial. ;)
    Hugs, Tina

  2. Love your bags< Debbie and the way you make them so easy to recreate. Thank you. Crafty hugs, Beba x
    P.S. I'm another person whom you have inspired to wipe the cobwebs from my sewing machine!

  3. Sorry Debbie, I forgot to ask in my last comment, I think that last year, on C & C, you made a jewellery pouch/bag. It was round and had pockets inside. I think you did the show with Dawn (Bibby), I think. I've looked through your blog, but I don't seem to be ble to find it. Do you have any instructions please? Also, just want to say a big thank you for the gorgeous heart decoration that you sent to me, when i was drawn from the Spotty Potty. Crafty hugs, Beba x

  4. Hi Beba, so happy to be responsible for your poor unloved sewing machine having a new lease of life! Do you know, I think the jewellery pouch was actually Anthea Turners... I don't remember making one of these...

  5. Sew Cute! A gorgeous bag and the perfect colours for Spring, thanks so much for sharing x

  6. Hi Debbie, I thought you'd like to know that I liked this bag so much I had to make one too. Since you got me back into sewing again I've made several cushion covers using instructions from your Making Cushion Covers book, a tote bag from Half Yard Heaven, and now this little bag ... where will it end! Thanks for the inspiration, your infectious enthusiasm for sewing, and the easy to follow instructions - most important as this old brain needs simple :)

    Elizabeth x

    PS: you can see my bag here: