Saturday, 9 August 2014

Festival of Quilts fashion

Here's a couple of the amazing creations at the FOQ this week... there are some hugely talented artists out there! These coats must have taken an age to create, I just love that gold and blue jacket, looks about my size...

I didn't get long to have a look around the show as I was teaching the workshop, but it looked really busy. [These pictures were taken before the show opened...] I did manage to catch up with Jennie Rayment, Mandy Shaw and Stuart Hillard, and the very nice people from Coates are giving me fabric for future books! Need an extension to the sewing room!


  1. All are really beautiful but the gold & blue jacket is so YOU Debbie ! what an amazing achievement that is, so much brilliant work in all items. xx

  2. Hi Debbie

    Wow! The gold and blue jacket is amazing, must've taken months! I think it'd really suit you Debbie, I'll let you have it as it'd be too small for me! Great news about Coats, they have some seriously gorgeous fabrics... spend way too long looking at their website sometimes- mmmm, fabric...

    On makes, tomorrow I'm sewing up a net curtain to make a mosquito net for my other halfs fishing tent. I knew there was a reason he was so keen for me to get a new sewing machine earlier this year!!!

    Have brought an online sewing and tailoring course through Groupon as I can't get out to classes or workshops plus everything locally I have enquired for isn't wheelchair friendly. Really looking forward to starting. Mosquito net then a pencil case for my baby brother who is going to do an add on to his degree at the other end of the country. He picked the fabric himself! Hopefully they'll both be done in 2/3 days so I can begin my 'studies'! Looking at the course guide I think I've covered the first 3 units just by watching you on C&C and you tube!!! Course cost less than a hardback book so I couldn't turn it down

    Happy sewing, making & crafting

    WheelyBad xxx