Sunday, 27 July 2014

tension square

How big should I knit a tension square? Shall I stop now? At least Burt's enjoying it...

And if you're wondering what Alfie's up to in the sunshine...


  1. I think your tension is perfect & Burt does too !!!!! What is that sad face on your rear Alfie ? hmm I prefer your beautiful head end !!!!!!!! xx

    1. I never noticed that before! Alfie has a sad rear end!

  2. Hi Debbie
    Awwwwwww! You little friends are adorable. My dog lays belly up in the sun -and anytime there's someone about he can con into rubbing his belly. He's on the bed next to me at the minute, looking after his mum! Just as well as it's pretty grey here in Suffolk today (most unusual for the weather of late) so we are both probably in the best place... with the computer on watching create and craft. Hoping to see most of the oekaki show at 1pm :-)
    Recovering from hospital procedure so no sewing for me of late... watching lots on the computer though.

    Hope you are enjoying the weather, your dogs clearly are. I love Alfies cameo in your roman blind tutorial btw :-)

    Crafty hugs

    T x

  3. That tension square is heading towards a blanket!, love Alfie's sunbathing, great to have no inhibitions

  4. Goodness me Debbie, You need to stop with the extreme airbrushing of your photos! You don't look anything like YOU! Plus, you don't NEED to change a thing! x

  5. Sorry to disappoint you Sam but there's no airbrushing going on here, nice sunlight and good concealer, but if I were to airbrush my photos don;'t you think I'd take away the crows feet and straighten my teeth? I'm really not that vain...

  6. Sam I can tell you that in these pics is EXACTLY how Deb looks in real life. I can't believe you could be so rude.

    Deb honey you are a beautiful lady, both inside and out. and you do look exactly as you are in the pics.

    Some people really ought to learn some bloody manners. xxxxxx