Monday, 8 July 2013

My pin cushion button box!

A useful little button box!

  1. For this little pin cushion I found a small hinged box, from a craft shop and one of those that you can decorate or paint. 

2. I bunched a handful of wadding in my hand then placed it on top of the lid, followed by a square of fabric that measured an inch larger than the lid of the box.

 3. I stapled the fabric to the lid in the centre of each side, making sure my wadding was tucked in, then kept on stapling all the way round.

4. Then I trimmed off the extra fabric, and glued with my lovely new glue gun, ribbon strips to cover the staples. I also put ribbon around the base of the box.

5. Finally I measured the centre of the dome of the pin cushion and put a staple through to the box lid, and stuck a bead over the top to give it a 'padded' look.

I think it looks a bit like a crown!

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