Thursday, 9 March 2017

Decorated Easter storage pots to make!

I really enjoyed making these decorated pots for Simply Home Made magazine so I thought I'd share them with you.
Paint a plant pot in a pretty pastel colour.

Take three 1" strips of fabric cut on the bias, long enough to wrap around the top of the pot, place them together and sew straight down the centre. Scrub with a scrubbing brush to fray the edges.

 Glue around the top of the pot then add a strip of ribbon.
 Tie a bow, then add a couple of buttons, as I'm gluing I've tied embroidery thread through the holes to make them look hand sewn.
 Glue the bow over the join of the ribbon, add a string of beads for extra decoration.
 They make perfect storage pots for your sewing room!

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  1. Those are just delightful! I think they will be wonderful to hold little Easter gifts for my grands and then their mothers will find them useful later. I am excited to pre- order your new book. I am collecting a Debbie Shore library. 👍