Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fleecy cushion cover project

What a lovely soft cushion cover for your little ones to cuddle up to! When my children were small they would love to snuggle up in cosy fleece, and the fringing on this cushion cover would have been wrapped around their little fingers...

You will need:

·         A 14” cushion pad

·         Two squares of fleece measuring 22” square

·         A heart shaped piece of fleece for the appliqué

1.       Whatever size your cushion pad, cut your fabric 8” larger.



2.       Mark the centre of the front of the fleece and sew on the heart appliqué.

3.       Place both sides of the fleece together, and make 4” deep cuts, ½” wide, all the way around.


4.       Starting in one corner, knot the top and bottom fringes together. Knot around three sides, then insert your cushion pad and knot the final side.

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