Thursday, 19 February 2015

Walkaway dress

I'll try and make up as much as I can of the Walkaway dress on Create and Craft UK today, it's a simple dress to make but you'll need a large area for cutting! I used the floor but Alfie thought it was a comfy place to sit too...


  1. I just loved the Walkaways on GBSB last night. Can't wait for your tutorial! Thanks Debbie! Annie

  2. I just love the Walkaway dress, saw you today on C & C and cant wait to get the pattern and make it for myself. Thank you Debbie x

  3. Hi Debbie

    A nice first dress, thought the show on C and C demonstrated that quite well, recorded the 'Bee to watch when I got a quiet dog and no man in the room ;-) I'm not a dress person but for a formal occasion I'd wear this, I'd just need to source a bigger size or extend the pattern to fit. Noted what you said yesterday about the reason for difference between shop and pattern sizes- never realised that was why!

    Billy has same habit as Alfie, have to ban him from the room while laying out pattern (I have sheets of board on the bed) or I need a new pattern!


    T x

  4. It is good to see that photo image of the dress fitted correctly - there are so many complaints about the design online and they then show a non fitted version of the garment and point out all the faults which they have not corrected.

  5. Hi debbie I always watch your tutorials in the we small hours as I don't sleep very. Well so thank you for being there I love Alfie. X