Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bags Galore!

My cd launches on Create and Craft on Thursday, 15th Jan at 8am then four more shows [hopefully!] throughout the day.I really hope you like it, I have lots more planned!


  1. Can't wait and to be honest I can see them selling out in the first show, must set a reminder head on me like a sieve.
    Chris x

  2. I can't wait to see the shows!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  3. Hi Debbie

    Will set a reminder as your books sell really quickly. Enjoyed watching you make bags with the Superjeans this week. Still haven't had a chance to do my sewing machine bag yet but it's on the list.


    T x

  4. Really looking forward to this you are so talented debbie

  5. Wunderschön !
    Liebe Grüße

  6. You should have your own series Debbie! Too many cookery programmes and not enough crafting!

  7. Hi Debbie
    Just getting into sewing so hoping your cd will help,looking forward to the shows.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the shows (and CD's of course!). Have your books, e-books and I'm sure I'll be adding the new ones to my collection!

  9. managed to order before they sold out ! well done such a fab Idea to put them on CD xx

  10. Congratulations, loved the show. Xx

  11. Thank you so much! I didn't expect them to sell so quickly, I'm back with two more shows on the 5th Feb, better order enough stock this time! Or it's still available on my web site,, with free a glue.
    Thanks for all your comments and kind wishes!

  12. Debbie
    I dont know if you read this but whoever is running the sales and distribution on I really think you need to take a look.
    I am appalled at the customer service received from them after placing an order and them not replying to emails. After I rang them they told me it was down to me to check with my post office and they couldn't tell me when they sent it. Unfortunately wont be ordering again but will remain an avid fan