Thursday, 20 November 2014

Alfie modelling in a magazine!

What a lovely surprise today when I picked up my copy of Love Sewing and firstly they've featured my latest book, but also chose a picture that didn't end up in the book, of Alfie snuggling up to one of my cushions! He loves the camera, my daughter had her picture taken on the bed so he just had to join in. He can be fast asleep in another room but as soon as those lights come on he springs into action!

I write a monthly skills class for the magazine, and answer any readers questions that come along. You'll also find my projects in Simple Homemade Magazine each month, the Christmas bookazine should be available now with lots of gift and gift bag ideas!


  1. Hi Debbie

    When I saw the picture of Alfie in my new love sewing magazine a week or two back I let out an "awwwww, Alfie!" I got a bizarre look off my other half so I showed him. Was very impressed when he said "oh, that's the lady who does the sewing on Create and Craft!" Possibly as he has no choice on the channel if you are on!

    My dog, Billy is also a hugger of pillows, cushions, duvets, blankets- anything he can bunch up in his paws and rest his head on. His reaction to Alfie singing on you tube was priceless! He turned his head on the side so far I thought he'd lose balance! Billy just yaps when I sing to him (not a surprise that, really...)

    Crafty hugs to you and Alfie

    WheelyBad and Billy x

  2. I love to hear the dog comments... Alfie has a thing about charis, he tries to sit on any char I'm on, from the sofa to the dining chairs!