Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cosmetic bag step by step pictures

My bag measures 8" tall and 8" wide, I drew around a plate to make the curve. The cut out squares in the base are 1" along the sides.lining on the left, outer on the right.

I made my own bias tape strips

The strips went in between the two front panels

I then sewed bias along the round edge of the bag

The zip was then sewn to the bias, I used an invisible zip as it was the only red one I had, but I sewed it on the same as a regular zip.

Then do the same with the second side of the zip

sew the bag sides together from just under the end of the zip either side, and across the base.
Do the same with the lining.

Open up the cut off corners and sew to make a square base, turn the right side out.
Same with the lining!

Press the opening in the lining over by 1/4", then drop into the bag and hand-sew aroun the top.


  1. Hi Debbie

    Very timely... a good project for Christmas gifts- thank you! We all love those shops that selll those 'natural' toiletries and love to give them as gifts. Although the boxes are nice they aren't always suitable and I like to pick and mix but have had to settle for a home made box to gift them, well, no more boring boxes (I'm bored with making them!), I can use masculine or feminine fabric- tbh I think the invisible zip is perfect on a ladies bag. Thank you Debbie for such helpful projects

    Crafty hugs,

    T x

  2. Thnx so much Debbie!!! Perfect Christmas gifts for my sister & sister in laws.* You're the best!!!

  3. I am enjoying your tutorials & making a lot of things along with them. I'm learning so much. You make it fun too. Thank you.