Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Myself and Dawn Bibby

Me and Dawn on set just before the show today, had a lovely show and made even better when all the books sold out! I'll let you know when the next show is on, probably July 1st, and get signing the next batch! Enjoy if you bought it and thanks!


  1. Lovely photo of you both Debbie. Thoroughly enjoyed the show - you both seemed to enjoy your sewing session ... pity it couldn't be longer :) I'm happy to say I already have your book and made the bag from it. I've also made cushions following your instructions in your Making Cushion Covers book. In fact, it's because of your TV demos that I got back to sewing after a gap of some 20 plus years! Keep up the good work. Elizabeth

  2. your book is fabulous just like you! you gave me the bug so I brought a sewing machine and your book and for a beginner like me it's great and i would recomend it to everyone! can'twait for the next show huggs Amanda

  3. I have got your half yard heaven book, and have earmarked what to make. Did the mannequin pin cushion for my friend at Christmas, she was really pleased with it. Saw some of your show but couldn't order as I was on holiday in Majorca but will catch the next one x