Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Free motion Christmas trees draught excluder

Take the width of the door, and cut a strip of fabric this length by 8" wide. Cut two strips.

Cut out 6 or 7 triangles of green fabric, they don't have to be perfect! Use repositionable fabric adhesive to secure them in place, Crafters Companion Stick and Spray is good.

Add little pots underneath each tree, again, random patterns and sizes work well.

Using the free motion embroidery foot on your machine, sew around each tree three or four times, taking the stitches down to the pots.

  Add a few buttons for baubles!

 Sew the front of the draught excluder to the back, leaving one end open for stuffing. Turn the right side out, stuff with lots of wadding, and hand sew the open end closed.

And here's another idea for the tree!


  1. This is fab, I'm going to have a go at this Thanks for sharing Debbie

    Ali xx

  2. wow. love this, i know a few people that would appreciate one, thanks Debbie