Saturday, 29 June 2013

re covering my sewing chair

Re-covering my little sewing chair

This is my old sewing chair! It wasn’t too comfy so I decided to re-vamp it and brighten up my sewing room.

1.   I found a cushion pad in approximately the same size as the chair seat. This is placed on top.

2.   I draped a piece of Coates fabric over the seat and used a staple gun to secure the fabric to the chair frame, keeping the fabric taut and even. I then trimmed the excess fabric away.

3.   Over the back of the chair I made a sleeve, a bit like a pillowcase, and slipped it over the chair back, stapling at the base.

4.    I took a long piece of contrasting fabric to the height of the seat, hemmed it around the bottom and pleated the all around the chair to make a pelmet, stapling and pleating as I went.

5.   The final touch was to hot glue ribbon around the seat to cover my staples, adding a couple of bows on the corners, and a matching cushion cover for the seat!

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