Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hessian door stop instructions

I’ve been asked so many times for these instructions so here we go…

1.       Cut 6 squares of hessian measuring 6” square.

2.       I’ve put some fusible stabiliser on the back as hessian tends to fray and twist.

3.       For the handle, this is a strip of hessian 7” long by 3” wide, folded over lengthwise so the sides overlap in the middle, and pressed. I then stitched a length of ribbon over the raw edge.

4.       I’ve also made a calico bag and filled it with rice to act as a weight.

5.       Now to decorate! I’ve used some of my ribbon scraps, heart applique and the odd button and bow, and I’m just decorating two sides so it doesn’t look too fussy. Hold your applique shapes in place with some Stick and Stay for fabric before sewing.

6.       Sew the four sides together into a ‘tunnel’ shape.

7.       For the top piece, you’ll need to attach the handle, sew the two ends to the edge of the top fabric, as the handle is an inch longer it should bow a little.

8.       Keeping the four sewn sides inside out, pin the top in place then sew all the way round, stopping at each corner with the needle down before pivoting to keep the corners sharp.

9.       Do the same now with the bottom, but leave a gap of around 3” to allow you to turn the box and stuff it.
10.   Turn the right sides out, and stuff tightly with wadding.
11.   Before filling completely, push your little bag of rice into the base of the doorstop.
12.   Close the opening with a few hand stitches. A tip here... I pulled out a thread from a piece of hessian and sewed with this, then you don't see your stitching

 And you're done!

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  1. good tip about using the hessian to sew with.